Houston Bar Makes Disdain for Black Protest Against Injustice Clear, Cancels NFL Ticket

Photo Credit: Califmom, Flickr

Many people lament overt racism–however, it is something that should be welcomed as it provides an untarnished and unequivocal window into the nature of a person that is not obscured by deference to politeness.  It is important that we know exactly who to refrain from doing business with, who not to trust, who not give the benefit of doubt, etc.  Henry Hudson’s Pub in Houston, Texas via its owner Jim Adair announced that the pub would not be showing out-of-market NFL games in response to player protests during the national anthem.  In doing so, Adair makes clear that the injustices faced by Black people in this country are subordinate to his beliefs that he should be the arbiter of how Black men express their objections to centuries of racism.  It is also apparent that Adair is not completely committed to his principles since he does, in fact, intend to air Texans games during the season. The arrogance and hubris that is endemic in white America saturates Adair’s official statement explaining his ridiculous and nonsensical decision; but we should thank Adair for his honesty and for ensuring that not a single Black person with any shred of respect for him or herself sets foot in his establishment. 

Article below by Levi Ismail at krem.com.

HOUSTON – Bar owners refuse to purchase DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, as a protest to a league they believe has become too political.

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