Heroes Who Protested During the National Anthem: NFL Week 4 (8 players)

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Go to the Protest Heroes/Professional Sports/2018 link every Tuesday to keep up with all of the NFL protests during the anthem.

Notably this week, there was again a reduction from the initial two weeks and preseason regarding the number of individuals engaged in protests, based upon the reporting available, at just 8 players.  It turns out that Brandon Marshall and Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos) did in fact cease their protests against racism and stood on the sidelines during both week 3 and this week. Also this week it was Russell Okung (Los Angeles Chargers) and Marshawn Lynch (Oakland Raiders) for whom there was no report of a protest despite their dedication to the act. Finally, Branden Jackson (Seattle Seahawks) rejoined protests after having been brought up off of the practice squad.