Facing Being Stood Up, Trump Cancels the Philadelphia Eagles' White House Visit

Photo Credit: Tom Lohdan, Flickr

Article below by Jane Coaston at vox.com.  Of course, Donald Trump was not going to let the national anthem issue go despite the NFL’s weak, cowardly bowing to his illogical, irrational, and politically motivated criticisms.  On Monday night, the White House released a statement noting that the traditional invitation to the Super Bowl champions was being rescinded because the Philadelphia Eagles were upset over the President’s national anthem stance.  Which, to some degree is true in that he disparaged the players on September 22, 2017 by calling them “sons-a-bitches.” However, the spin advanced by POTUS was that it was merely his insistence that individuals stand during the anthem that was the issue.  This, of course, is a complete lie. However, as the last 18 months have demonstrated,  Donald Trump has never allowed the truth to get in the way of a story. 

In a tweet that same evening, POTUS not only mentioned outright that, basically, he was going to be stood up by many of the Eagles players, but also poked the NFL in the eye by informing it in no uncertain terms that their “compromise” of allowing players to remain in the locker room wasn’t going to fly either.  So, in other words, the owners’ well-publicized fear of Trump and his influence via the many racists who occupy his base just increased exponentially. And their ridiculous anthem policy change was all for naught as Trump has declared that nothing short of complete submission will suffice; and if the NFL dares to issue another change which purports to force players to stand, a full-scale rebellion will likely be imminent.

President Trump canceled an invitation to the White House for the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, saying that “staying in the locker room for the playing of our National Anthem” was “disrespectful.”

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