The Face of the NFL Gives Us the "Both Sides" Treatment on the NFL Protests Against Racism

Photo Credit: Keith Allison, Flickr

Article below by Jason Owens at  Tom Brady continues his carefully coifed, yet transparently disingenuous disposition, this time with regard to the national anthem protests against racism. Mr. Openly Place a Make America Great Again hat in his locker stated that “both sides” needed to have their opinion respected about the protests.  That sounds great, except that as with POTUS and his similarly obtuse statement about the racist events in Charlottesville, there aren’t two sides to this particular issue.  You have on the one hand individuals engaged in a peaceful protest during the national anthem to protest racism; and on the other hand, you have…..people who object to protests against racism, but who attempt to shroud this position in ostensible concerns about “veterans” and “disrespecting the flag.” Brady’s milquetoast approach is par for the course for him.  As an aside, that anyone buys Brady’s “Aw shucks” act in light of his notoriously foul mouth and epically childish tirades is beyond me.

In 2015, Tom Brady was famously spotted sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker, marking the campaign slogan for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

When Trump dismissed leaked audio recordings of his bragging about grabbing women by their genitals as “locker-room talk” in 2016, Brady ducked questions about whether that was indeed how men talked in locker rooms.

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