ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith Says Colin Kaepernick Likes Being Martyred

Photo Credit: Stephen A. Smith's Instagram, @stephenasmith

Article by Nick Schwartz at Stephen A. Smith is notorious for saying things that are legend in their ridiculousness. This is another such example. 

Former Browns QB Johnny Manziel attracted the interest of 13 NFL teams at a pro day in San Diego earlier this week, and some analysts are now saying that Manziel may get a chance to return to the league, three years after his final unspectacular appearance for the Browns.

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When asked by Will Cain if he believes Kaepernick truly wants to play again in the NFL, Smith said Kaepernick was too “preoccupied.”

“I think that he loves the fact that he’s been martyred. And he’s more preoccupied with that than being an NFL quarterback. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to be an NFL quarterback, I’m saying that that doesn’t appear to be his priority more than being martyred.”

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