Eric Reid Takes Page Out Of Kaepernick's Playbook, Files Collusion Grievance

Photo Credit: Eric Reid's Instagram, @e_reid35

Article below by  Mike Jones at This is a smart move by Eric Reid to provide yet another formal claim against the NFL for its inappropriate, deliberate exclusion of Reid from a team due to his national anthem protests against racism.  This reflects a disturbing pattern of behavior, especially given the questioning by the Bengals and the Seahawks franchises of both Reid and Kap regarding their protest intentions, and their shunning of both players upon failure to guarantee that they would not so engage.  Reid is apparently using the same legal team as Kap, which has undoubtedly laid a strong framework in terms of depositions completed, discovery, etc.

Another interesting twist is that  Reid’s claim will focus heavily on Donald Trump’s impact on his continued lack of employment. This is viable legal theory as noted in an informative article discussing the possible applicability of the first amendment via POTUS whose actions arguably affected owners’ decision not to hire Kaepernick and now Reid. The saga continues.

NFL owners apparently haven’t learned a thing.

Their eyes remain shut, their hearts unsoftened. That’s the only conclusion one can reach as an unemployed, socially conscious — and vocal — former 49ers starter files a collusion grievance against them and the league.

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