Eric Reid States He Will no Longer Kneel During the National Anthem

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Article by Eric Branch at It is amazing to observe the point at which one’s principles bow to one’s self-interest.  

There could be a signing in sight.

On Thursday, more than a week into his unemployment, former 49ers safety Eric Reid said NFL teams have contacted his agent, although a deal doesn’t appear imminent. Reid also said he does not intend to kneel during the anthem this season, a form of a protest that some believe explains why he remains on the free-agent market.

“We’ll see what happens,” Reid said. “I know my agent is in communication with a couple of teams. No numbers have been talked about. No visits have been talked about.”

Reid, 26, is viewed as one of the top safeties in free agency and his employment status has been closely monitored, given his decision to kneel during the anthem the past two seasons to protest social inequality. However, it also has been noted that the safety market hasn’t taken off since free agency began March 14. Kenny Vaccaro and Tre Boston are other notable safeties who remain unsigned.

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