Eric Reid Continues to Get the Uppity Negro, Kaepernick Treatment

Photo Credit: Eric Reid's Instagram, @E_Reid35

Article by Bob Woodfork at  One key point that is properly highlighted in this article Eric Reid’s status as one of the top players at his position; this is a relevant contrast to Kaepernick who, while a player who should unquestionably be in one of the minimum 64 quarterbacks slots in the NFL, he is not an elite quarterback.  This does indeed make the NFL’s actions against Reid even more egregious. Reid is being blackballed–or as Shannon Sharpe calls it, whiteballed–not just for protesting during the anthem as there are other players who have done so and been signed; but, as noted by Courage Under Fire before, it’s because of his leadership in the movement that he is experiencing uppity negro exile. Reid was the most prominent face of the protest movement last season, and it is for this reason he is being punished.  

WASHINGTON — The NFL has earned another public relations black eye for blackballing another of their black athletes for reasons that have nothing to do with football.

Eric Reid, a 26-year-old former Pro Bowl safety with the San Francisco 49ers, remains on the free agent market despite a solid resume. While the position he plays is a factor, it’s pretty glaring that a young, versatile player — he played a hybrid safety/linebacker position his last year with the Niners — associated with Colin Kaepernick’s silent resistance in 2016 is still without a job.

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