Die Hard Atlantian and Falcons Fan, T.I., Vows to Boycott NFL Due to Racist Anthem Policy

Photo Credit: Concerttour - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

During a conversation with Jemele Hill on BET’s GeniusTalks, T.I provides a cogent, well-reasoned analysis on why he will not be supporting the NFL this coming season.  T.I notes not only the unfairness and racism involved in the NFL’s decision to change its national anthem policy, but the economic power of Black people to effectuate change surrounding police brutality. It is indeed to hear substantive comments from celebrities who are too often concerned about offending their white supporters, though I suspect that the animosity towards President Trump has provided an opportunity to be critical of racism/white supremacy in a way that some may not have dared during the Obama era.  It is also a safe assumption that T.I.’s remarks were in part influenced by his recent bout with racist police, an experience that effects Black people regardless of sex, economic status, or any other secondary characteristic.

Article below by Colin Huguley at bizjournals.com.

A prominent Atlanta figure has no plans to watch the Atlanta Falcons, or any NFL team, for this upcoming season.

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