Congresswoman Black Wants You to Know She's Big Mad About the NFL Protests

Alexandre Dulaunoy, Flickr

So in this letter Congresswoman Diane Black is back at her appeal to fellow white racists in her bid for governor by writing a performative screed about  why she’s cancelling her Tennessee Titans season tickets.  She starts off with Deflection and Derailment Tactic I by ignorantly asserting that deciding not to stand for the national anthem showed “disrespect to our flag and our anthem.”  It is never disrespectful to peacefully and unobtrusively exercise one’s rights.  This outrage by Black and many white racists is their embarrassment at having the hypocrisy of America’s laid bear.  Until the rights and privileges symbolized by that flag are afforded every Black American, none of us should be standing for that flag.

Speaking of exercising one’s rights, she goes on to make the disclaimer that often accompanies attempts to denigrate those who remain seated or kneel for the anthem by stating “[e]very American has the right to protest and to avail themselves of the right to free speech outlined in the 1 st Amendment. But just because we have the right to do something doesn’t mean we should.” Huh?  What even is the point of having a right if one should not exercise it? Especially if done in silence.  Sure, I could see where burning a flag could be inflammatory (pun intended); but simply not standing or kneeling during the anthem?  Not remotely disrespectful.

Additionally, this is likely simply a stunt to appeal to her base of MAGAs, similar to her equally unimpressive pre-game Super Bowl ad where she implored attendees to stand during the national anthem.  It is amazing how irrational these people are by such a simple gesture.

I do see, however, how those like Congresswoman Black could be incensed at Blacks standing up for themselves.  At Blacks engaging in a protest, however non-traditional, during the very ritual designed to display a faux sense of unity and the reflection of America as the alleged greatest country in the world.  People like Congresswoman Black need  to feign belief that Blacks are not being systemically mistreated in this country to maintain their cognitive dissonance.  Affirmative acts like not going along with the façade causes whites great embarrassment, hence the racial split of nearly every poll that is conducted on the national anthem protests against racism.

Trolling 1/10 for the congresswoman from Tennessee.