Kaepernick Right About State Sanctioned Lynching After No Indictment in Sterling Case

Photo Credit: Colin Kaepernick's Instagram @kaepernick7

Article by Malinda Janay at blavity.com. What is important to note, as highlighted by activist Shaun King and in the article, is that Alton Sterling’s murder was one of the incidents that influenced Kaepernick to protest as Alton Sterling was murdered by police  in July 2016, and Kaepernick began protesting in August 2016. 

The world has watched as one unarmed black person after another has been mercilessly killed by police. Often the only ones who suffer any consequences are the victims and their brokenhearted loved ones as their killers frequently evade legal repercussions. According to Colin Kaepernick, that’s no coincidence. 

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