Carbi B Announces She Will Not Perform at a Super Bowl Until Kaepernick is Hired

Photo Credit: EventsPhotosNYC, Flickr

Article below by Deena Zahru at CNN for  This kind of support of Kaepernick is very good to see as, like it or not, celebrities are quite influential in society and tend to provide legitimacy to controversial events.  Further, celebrities who may otherwise have been hesitant to provide public support of Kaepernick’s strong stance may be encouraged by someone in their industry taking such a strong stance in support of fighting racism.  Obviously this did not concern one Justin “Why is He Performing After Causing Nipplegate” Timberlake. Good on Cardi B. 

(CNN) — Don’t expect Cardi B — the breakout star from the Bronx — to grace the Super Bowl halftime stage anytime soon.

The Grammy-nominated rapper told TMZ Saturday night that if the National Football League asks her to perform, she would only do so “when they hire Colin Kaepernick back.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s comment on Super Bowl weekend comes amid a tense political climate surrounding this year’s national championship, with thousands of Americans from the left and right pledging to boycott tonight’s game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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