Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland A's Will No Longer Kneel During the National Anthem

Photo Credit: Ruperto Miller, Flickr

Article below by Joe Setyon at Though anyone who refuses to stand for the national anthem comes under intense scrutiny and pressure, those effects are amplified for public figures who often have large social media footprints and followings.  Further, they are often repeatedly questioned by the media, including their teammates when athletes are involved, regarding a decision not to stand for the national anthem. While  one would rather see protests continue as long as Black people in America continue to be unlawfully killed and mistreated, credit must be given for Maxwell’s decision to become the first MLB player to step into the lion’s den for justice. 

The Oakland Athletics catcher who made headlines last year for becoming the first MLB player to kneel during the national anthem will stand for the anthem in 2018.

Bruce Maxwell, who first knelt prior to a game in September, said Tuesday that he will not continue the “symbolic gesture” of kneeling, though he has not changed his stance regarding why he knelt in the first place.

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