Blacks Kneeling During the Anthem Apparently Infuriated Trump to Tears

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

In yet another reflection of white histrionics surrounding the national anthem, as well the powerful nature of the peaceful gesture, reports from a new book by Ron Kessler on Donald Trump notes that the POTUS was “emotional” about players refusing to stand for the anthem to protest racism.  That adults can concern themselves so intimately with the manner in which other citizens exercise their rights is a testament to the depth of white entitlement and hubris.

There are various groups of people who do not stand for the national anthem, including the Amish and Jehovah’s witnesses.  Does POTUS cry about them as well?  Further, people engage in all manner of not paying attention or standing during the anthem including getting nachos or playing on their phone.  Does POTUS cry for them as well?  This misguided fury over Black people refusing to participate in the national anthem ritualistic farce is both sad and amusing.

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