The Bad Idea Fairy Has Made an Appearance at the NFL Spring League Meeting

Photo Credit: Soozed, Flickr

Article below by Adam Stites at  Things have taken a turn for the worse at the NFL owners meetings given reports that executives are considering assessing a 15 yard penalty for players who kneel.  This does not make any sense.  Whatsoever.  We are already aware that the NFL is notorious for making poor decisions when faced with a controversy.  Now some genius has suggested that if a team chooses to come out of the locker-room for the national anthem, then the team could be assessed a 15 yard penalty is any player kneels.  Whomever thought it was a good idea to punish a team for players engaging in activity that is not prohibited by the league as established by the collective bargaining agreement was not thinking this through.  It also appears to be employing a kind of peer pressure to force players to stand, which is only going to cause unnecessary strife in locker-rooms.  Hopefully this recommendation will be cast aside for the ridiculous idea that it is, and replaced with the only appropriate resolution–leaving the players to make the decision on whether or not to stand that they have earned as citizens of this country. 

The NFL is determined to fix the public relations problem it ran into when Colin Kaepernick began a human rights protest in 2016, no matter how dumb the solution.

One idea discussed at the league’s annual owners meeting this week was the possibility of 15-yard penalties for players who kneel during the national anthem:

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