Anthem Policy Change Prompts Condemnation by National Civil Rights Organization

Photo Credit: MDGovpics, Flickr

The hits just keep on coming for the NFL and its disastrous decision to mandate standing for the national anthem when players or remain in the locker room or otherwise out of sight. One of the nation’s oldest civil rights organizations, the NAACP, has harshly condemned the NFL’s policy as both an affront to the protest tradition, and to the manner in which Blacks are treated n this country. There are several times one looks back through history and wonder how an organization or a large group of purportedly intelligent people can make policies that are such blatant violations of decency.  The NFL has done just that with its “What’s Your Name Boy”  policy, bowing to both POTUS’s influence and that of its white racist fans. 

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The NAACP criticized the NFL on Wednesday for its decision to ban players from kneeling during the national anthem.

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