Adidas Guarantees Endorsement Offer if a Team Signs Kaepernick...But Why Wait?

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Senna, Flickr

Article below by Greg Moore at  Adidas executive Mark King noted that the company would sign Kaepernick if the quarterback was picked up by an NFL team; this move, according to King, would be intended to signal their developing focus on being a company that values the intersection between culture and sports.  This begs the question of why Adidas doesn’t simply sign Kaepernick now?  The purpose of an endorsement is to bring those that support the athlete to the company in question; whether Kaepernick is signed by a team or not, those who support him are likely to also support Adidas were he signed.  That some fans of a sports team may also come along does not seem like a sufficient basis to deny him a deal in the meantime. Step up Adidas. 

Adidas wants to sign Colin Kaepernick to an endorsement deal but has held off because the former 49ers quarterback isn’t on an NFL roster, Mark King, president of the athletic apparel and shoe company’s North America division, said Friday in Phoenix.

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