ABC Pulls Episode of Black-ish Which Tackled Anthem Protest Against Racism Controversy

Photo Credit: Disney, ABC Television

Article below by The Grio at This is a perfect example of why we need our own media outlets. When you depend on the largess of white media companies, there is only so far they will allow you to go in the advancement of Black liberation.  This is to be expected quite frankly, though Black-ish has gotten away with seemingly more controversial items. Perhaps this was the last straw, or ABC saw what is happening with racist white fans over at the NFL and did not want to provide an opportunity for backlash over the topic.  Either way, it’s a punk move by ABC and yet another tale of caution by Black people thinking being given a platform by whites means you have creative control on issues involving the third rail of racism. 

Black-ish is a show known for tackling tough social issues, but a recent episode about “Take a Knee” was reportedly shelved indefinitely due to creative differences.

The episode entitled “Please Baby, Please,” was originally slated to air on February 27, but was replaced by a rerun after the show’s producer, Kenya Barris, failed to reach an agreement with ABC executives.

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